Andrew van der WaltSenior Investigator

Andrew van der Walt has 19 years' experience as a South African Police detective. During the time he served within this organization, he built up vast experience in the investigative field. This included general investigations, ranging in scope from minor offenses to crime scene management and investigation of high-profile, Supreme Court matters.

A large portion of his investigative career was spent with the Western Cape Serious and Violent Crimes Unit. He is also accredited as having been selected to lead a high level investigative team, tasked with a covert, project-driven investigation, which was specifically focused on extremely dangerous, organized criminal syndicates. Andrew fulfilled many roles within this specific branch and is recognized as being one of the few detectives to have served in the legendary Cape Town Peninsular Murder and Robbery Unit. During his time within this specific unit, he was able to successfully manage and conclude multiple high-level investigations, prior to his resignation.

Mr Van Der Walt holds many accreditations in the field of investigations, ranging from basic detective courses and crime scene management. He also successfully completed a UN based course focused on East Asian Organized Crime.