When you first meet with the Examiner, he will be based in a fairly quiet room, where disturbance can be avoided. Your rights in terms of the test will be explained and you will be asked to sign a statement indicating your willingness to participate. The Examiner will then collect basic data about you, for the purpose of the test. General questions about health and for e.g. substance abuse may be asked. These questions help the Examiner to determine if any suitability problems exist that could have an adverse impact on the testing process.

The Examiner will comprehensively discuss the format of the test with you, certain aspects of your personal history which may have a bearing on the test, as well as the workings of the polygraph instrument. Once the preliminary questions have been asked and information obtained, you and the Examiner will discuss the matter under investigation. During this part of the test, you are given the opportunity to explain what you know about the matter under investigation. You and the Examiner will discuss the allegations (specific issue testing) or your background (pre-employment testing). After discussing the matter under investigation, you and the Examiner will discuss questions to be asked during the data collection phase. You will be informed of the exact wording of each and every question to be asked during the test. If you are not told what questions are going to be asked, you should not take the test.

If you are mistreated in any way or asked unusual or improper questions, report the incident immediately to the most senior member of management available on the day.

The entire polygraph process must be recorded on video camera. Should you need to rely on physical evidence to prove that the correct procedure had not been followed, this will be made available.