Polygraph testing is the most accurate form of truth verification in the world today. The accuracy rate of the process varies and is dependent on many factors. Research on the various formats and research projects undertaken in this regard are available in the article about Polygraph Validity . On average, an accuracy rate of around 88% would be considered a realistic expectation, all techniques considered, although there are very specific methods of testing, where the accuracy rates are higher still.

It is vitally important to note, however, that the expertise of the polygraph examiner ultimately determines the success or failure of the entire process. If standards are not met and the correct protocols not followed, the entire polygraph examination will be irreversibly flawed. It must be remembered that, as is the case with all forensic evidentiary processes, polygraph is a tool and not a comprehensive solution to any investigative situation. Only engage appropriately skilled polygraph examiners who maintain international testing standards and who are able to explore the evidence gathered during such undertakings, as mere pass or fail results have little or no value in reducing risk within any given environment, without substantiating evidence or where questionable and/or sub-standard processes are evident.

All our polygraph examiners are internationally accredited and work to strict standards. They are all well qualified and have extensive investigative backgrounds. Resolution of failed test outcomes is our forte, with complete resolution of all task undertaken, our main objective. Contact our head office in Cape Town on 021 555 1411 for more details.

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