It is with great satisfaction that we inform you that our investigative team was once again able to prove their capabilities in the resolution of a theft related incident.

A client reported that they had made use of an alternative polygraph examiner’s service, who was unable to solve their particular problem, despite having administered a polygraph examination, which the particular subject failed. The examiner in question was unable to resolve this particular outcome. As a result, they sought further advice and were directed to our Cape Town office.

The necessary arrangements were made and our investigative team not only successfully resolved that specific theft but also highlighted various other peripheral risks within the business, which had become evident to them during the course of that particular intervention. Further Polygraph examinations were administered by the team after resolution of the initial failed tests and further criminals were identified within the workforce, using conventional interrogative techniques.

Our dynamic Cape Town based team uses Polygraph testing as a very effective investigative tool, furthered with their inherent investigative and interview skills to reach a desirable outcome for our clients, on a daily basis.


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