Our office has successfully dealt with multiple investigations where allegations of serious sexual misconduct have been made against various individuals. These have ranged in scope from adult sexual predators to juvenile offenders, suspected of molesting younger siblings. In most cases, our investigators have conducted these investigations in association with members of the Hawks and/or the Cape Town office of the NPA.

Such interventions require in-depth, specialised exploration and the accuracy of the evidence gathered and conserved in respect of such crimes, is paramount. Should any crime scene evidence be available, such physical proof must be preserved, as this will greatly assist with the resolution of any such investigative process.

It is always recommended that the initiation of any such investigation should not be delayed, as this not only negatively impacts on available evidence but could also allow the perpetrator to target further victims. It is therefore of the utmost importance that any such allegations be addressed promptly, even when only vague speculations of such activity are detected. This is especially true of young victims, who often cannot properly voice the nature and/or details of any untoward interaction with the sexual offenders involved.

It has also been the experience of our investigators that young victims are sometimes coached and/or manipulated into actually protecting the perpetrator involved, which further complicates the investigation of these matters.

It is strongly advised that only an experienced polygraph examiner/investigator be tasked to engage in such investigations, as the way in which such complex matters are undertaken could be detrimental to the victims involved, if not properly dealt with. We therefore advocate that the proper authorities and/or specialists be approached with this. We will always strive to pursue justice, when called upon to do so by anyone whose life has been touched by this sort of criminal misconduct. Polygraph testing should only be used in such cases in conjunction with proper investigation into such matters. Due care must be taken to ensure the admissibility of the evidence gathered during such polygraph examinations by only using properly accredited examiners/investigators, using sound interview techniques.

Our office can be called upon at any time for advice in respect of such cases and will also gladly supply the contact numbers of various specialised government and private role-players required to successfully pursue such investigations and/or support the victims involved.


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