The True Lies Polygraph Resolution Rate as tracked since 2009, stands at 85%.

These results are based not only on our Cape Town investigations, but also include our successes all across South Africa. Should you require statistics and/or success rate indicators for particular areas of operation whether situated in Cape Town or not, feel free to contact us directly at 021 555 1411.

This figure is reflective of complete resolution of any given matter - no exceptions. Where we are unable to identify the culprit and gather evidence in support of our polygraph tests and investigations finding, a non-resolution is recorded. The primary intent of all True Lies polygraph examiners and investigators is therefore primarily focused around putting the client in a position to take action, based on any given polygraph outcome.

A mere pass or fail of the polygraph examination is therefore not where our processes end, as such results only constitute a portion of any investigative process and are not sufficient when further criminal and/or disciplinary action is being considered.



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