Although we are in essence the defenders of professionally administered polygraph testing and support, as well as respect, other professional examiners who administer these tests according to international standards, True Lies examiners will actively defend anyone, in any forum, who has been subjected to sub-standard processes.

It is our belief that individuals who do not apply this investigative tool in the correct manner, not only jeopardise the unfortunate examinees who are subjected to these processes, but also degrade the polygraph profession and ultimately place doubt over the usability of this superb forensic tool, as a whole.

We feel that, should such individuals be allowed to continue to practice their sub-standard work unchallenged, the validity of polygraph testing as a whole may very well become clouded, based not on the solid research that has got us to where we are today, but rather on the lacking endeavours of those not willing to conform to the standards of the profession, for whatever selfish reason.

When given the mandate to do so by any given examinee, we undertake to assist, advise and/or aggressively give evidence against any operator who we find has acted recklessly and/or not conformed to the required standards of testing, in order to invalidate the bogus findings of any such individual.

The afore-mentioned interventions must not be confused with legitimate polygraph re-examinations, which are sometimes required due to various technical and/or investigative reasons. Such matters are also dealt with by our examiners from time to time. These are completely legitimate processes and are dictated to and governed by international protocols, strictly adhered to by this office.


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