Our senior Investigators are certified detectives with extensive specialized backgrounds, each having in excess of over 25 years, first-hand investigative experience. The scope of investigations successfully handled, range from petty theft to those involving the commission of both serious and violent crime. As such, we also have a good understanding of current legal processes, Criminal Law and the Law of Criminal Procedure and Evidence.

Other members of our investigative team all hold formal qualifications and accreditations in their respective fields. As far as investigations and polygraph examinations are concerned, a rigorous mentorship program is followed before any given Examiner can independently operate in the field.

Our back-office support structure consists of administrative staff who together, hold vast arrays of experience in finances, administration, investigative support and evidentiary report writing, among others.


Pierre Reeves

Forensic Investigator/Polygraph Examiner

Chris Du Toit

Forensic Investigator/Polygraph Examiner

Leon Nothnagel

Forensic Investigator/Polygraph Examiner

Elzaan Reeves

Polygraph Examiner

Megan Rheeders

Office Manager

Nadiya Ebrahim

Biometric Fingerprint Officer

Sandra Slabbert

Investigative Assistant