Although thorough pre-employment screening processes are invaluable as part of any recruitment process, minimizing the introduction of risk into any given work environment on its own is simply not enough to protect organizations against the development of internal risk.

By engaging staff on a random, on-going basis, a platform is created whereby early detection of internal risk is made possible, which otherwise would not be the case, especially in high risk environments, as well as in those where staff have access to critical information. Regularly vetting such staff deters corruption, leads to a vast reduction in illicit activity and aids in maintaining sound work ethics within any given setting.

Various industries across the country have reaped the fruits of our on-going risk management projects, with some organizations reporting a significant reduction in losses over the course of a 12-month project.

Projects are adjusted to the unique needs and budget of the client, to ensure that the most comprehensive service is delivered at an affordable cost.