From successful risk detection to investigation and solutions - we have it all!

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Specialized Polygraph Tests
Adhering to uncompromised investigative standards
Forensic Investigations
Large & small scale undertakings
Comprehensive Background Checks
Identifying risk pro-actively
Skilled investigative interviews & interrogation
Specialized investigative questioning
On-going risk & general integrity projects
Protecting your business
Post-investigative services
HR & Industrial relations support
Comprehensive pre-employment screening processes
Know your candidates
Personal profile analysis & psychometric assessments
Employing the right person
Individual & business profiling
Detailed insight is key
Digital forensics
Computers, cell phones and much more extensive range of services
Fingerprint examinations & evidence recovery
Forensic analysis of exhibits & fingerprint eliminations
Forensic auditing
In-depth evaluation of financial records & internal processes
Sexual harassment & related offences
Verification of evidence
Discrimination & harassment grievances
Proving/disproving allegations
Insurance claim verification
Investigation of claims
Registration & management of criminal cases
Increased chance of successful pursuit & prosecution
Expungement of criminal records
Lawful removal of criminal record
Additional support services
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