About "Lie Detectors"

Statistics show that, on average, every person lies 2.5 times a day. You are currently being exposed to people who, on a daily basis, are trying to take advantage of you by various forms of underhandedness and/or blatant criminal behaviour.

Who is lying to you? Your new business partner, your accountant, the person applying for that key position or someone in your private life… the list of possibilities is endless. Your choices are nearly always based on the credibility of the information handed to you and the accuracy thereof is vital. In short, the truth is an inherent requirement of any decision making process. Enter the polygraph examination.

This is where Forensic Psychophysiology plays an invaluable role in the detection of deception. By implementing modern, internationally accredited, comprehensively researched techniques in conjunction with the most modern technology, you get to see behind the mask of lies. The risk of an incorrect decision or course of action is averted, which not only leads to the exclusion of disappointment and frustration, but in the business field, computes directly into profit savings.

One only needs to consider the huge cost of training wasted on an unsuitable candidate, the costs of a civil claim where an employee is implicated in criminal activity, etc. to appreciate the potential safeguard this process affords.

Polygraph testing is not just something to be utilized within military and government agencies; which have clearly seen and acknowledge its value on an international scale. It is an available, affordable and very effective way of diminishing risk and resolving specific issues.

Crime and the impact it has on our lives is nothing new in South Africa - this time, there is something you can do.