Five of our staff have been trained as Certified Biometric Officers and are thus able to take fingerprints for the purpose of obtaining criminal clearance certificates, directly from the SAP database in Pretoria. The entire process takes no longer than 15 minutes. All that is required is for clients to bring their Identity document along with them to the appointment and complete a consent form, which can be downloaded from our site or which will be provided by our office. True Lies is also a member of Southern Africa’s Background Screening market leader, MIE. This allows us the ability to provide a vast range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Graduate verification
  • Criminal checks
  • Bureau checks
  • Identification checks
  • Generation of business information
  • Driving licence checks
  • Educational checks
  • Employment references
  • PSIRA verifications
  • Fraud listing checks
  • Bank account verification
  • Residence and work permit verification
  • Vehicle ownership verification
  • Social media screening

This list does not fully represent the wide variety of services True Lies has to offer. Should you have an alternative need, please contact our office directly.