Using the statistics generated in just one large project, which saw us engaging potential candidates on a daily basis over a three-year period, we can say without a doubt that this is one of the best tools to use in pro-active risk management. Not only was our success rate relative to the exposure of risk over 80%, but we also saw positive outcomes in so far as the stabilisation of the work force, general elevation of work ethics, as well as huge reduction in shrinkage (over R400 000.00 in the first year alone).

Polygraph pre-employment screening exams, as approved and recommended by the APA, are extensively utilized by various government agencies within the USA to screen applicants in various medium and high-risk working environments, including that of law enforcement. The areas of potential risk explored during such interventions include the following:

  • Any previous involvement in police-related matters.
  • Prior primary involvement in theft, specifically within the working environment.
  • Secondary involvement in theft related activity, specifically at any prior workplace.
  • Failure to expose illicit activity at a prior place of work.
  • Involvement in unsolved crime. Drug use and/or addiction is one such area of interest that is explored.
  • Prior misconduct in the workplace, resulting in any form of disciplinary action or dismissal.
  • The integrity/accuracy of their current application process.
  • The examinee’s current financial status and any concerns relating thereto.
  • Any relevant area of interest and/or investigative concerns raised, which are felt to be relevant to risk management within the organization in question..

The intended purpose of such interventions is to eliminate the introduction of any potential risk to the respective client, prior to placement of any given applicant.

Many clients who already use this risk management tool on all potential staff prior to their placement, have reported:

  • A better quality of staff.
  • A lower staff churn rate.
  • Stability within the workforce based on the calibre of person employed.
  • Improved levels of work ethic.
  • Decrease in shrinkage.

When used in conjunction with our investigative skill-set, as well as various other background enquiries, this office is able to conduct our pre-employment screening processes, which are tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual client, have proven to be highly effective irrespective of circumstance of the nature of the working environment.