Where investigative circumstances permit, True Lies can facilitate a host of services from the collection and processing of various forms of evidence to the examination and elimination of fingerprints. 

There are multiple aspects which will influence the possibility of being able to forensically examine any given piece of potential evidence. This includes the surface of the item, the ambient temperature at which the evidence has been kept and the way in which they have been handled by the relevant individuals involved, be it suspect or otherwise. Please note that it is of utmost importance that all potential evidence is handled and conserved in such a way as to avoid contamination. True Lies only makes use of properly accredited experts in this field, who are able to testify in respect of results achieved. We are able to deal with and process various forms of crime scene evidence. Often forensic evaluation of a crime scene is the most cost-effective way of dealing with any given scenario and the forensic evidence collected in this way is extremely powerful, when presented as evidence. 

Our investigators are ready for deployment for this purpose and our background as serious and violent crime specialists enable us to comprehensively manage such processes. By working together with various forensic specialists, our Polygraph Examiners have achieved successful results in both the Cape Town region as well as nationally. The administration of polygraph examinations, coupled with hard forensic evidence, has proved extremely effective in so far as incident resolution. By offering these services as a complete package, our capacity far exceeds the norm in the Cape Town polygraph industry.