There are very few medium to large business entities, functioning within any given commercial ambit of operation, which remains unaffected by syndicated criminal activities.

These acts range in scope from the petty theft of stock and/or manufactured produce to organised international fraud syndicates. From personal experience, we have assisted with the exposure and prosecution of such criminal elements, who attributed to illicit activities involving stock losses ranging from a few thousand rand a month, to those linked to the orchestrated theft of over 20 million rands worth of stock, on a national scale.

This office has proven to have a particular flair for the engagement of staff, the exposure of syndicates and eradication of such structures within a comprehensive range of organisations. It has been found that these interventions have led to a host of positive spin-offs, including improved profitability, in respect of the various business units engaged by our office.

We feel, however, that it would be more transparent for you to speak to our previous clients themselves, rather than hear about our successes from us. As such, we will put you in touch with role-players operating within your specific type of industry, on request and by prior arrangement, should you wish to gain more insight into how the application of our pro-active and re-active risk management processes have successfully eradicated criminal elements, from their respective companies in the past.

As a well-established company with impeccable credentials in both the polygraph and investigative fields, we have no hesitation in sharing our references for your peace of mind.

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