Specialist Rates: Cape Town: True Lies Investigative Solutions


Please note that the information contained in the table below is merely an indication of standard costs, which may change, based on cases-specific complexities.


For an estimation relating to your specific investigative needs, please contact our office on 021 555 1411 .


 Service detail Cost
 Investigative consultations & exploration of case facts. R 750.00/Hr
 Polygraph examination (minimum of 1.5 Hrs) / Investigative interview.
*Specialised post-test/investigative questioning / additional non-specified investigative services.
 Reviewing of audio/visual recordings, evaluation of evidence & compilation of evidentiary reports.
  Traveling costs (Cape Town).
R 6.00/Km


A cost reduction is applicable to requirements exceeding 10 polygraph examinations.


*Specialised post-test/investigative questioning is an essential part of any polygraph exam and qualifies the finding. Without resolution of a failed test, the application of unresolved outcomes are limited. It is only in this final phase of the examination, during exploratory questioning, where the most significant successes are achieved.


Apart from the above, we provide various other additional specialized services, the rates of which vary, depending on the specific circumstances of each case. A formal estimation will be submitted for consideration by the client in all such matters.


All services are provided on an appointment-only basis and must be scheduled in advance.




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