Pierre Reeves

Being involved in various forms of criminal investigation as from 1986, Pierre Reeves has served as both an investigator and acting branch commander of local, as well as specialized units within various fields of policing. He also served as a member of a covert, high-level investigative team, tasked with project driven investigations, as well as various other specialized groups whose focus was directed at investigating serious and violent criminal activities. He holds various investigative qualifications, including a National Diploma in policing and his experience in the field spans a period of over 18 years.

Chris du Toit

Chris joined this specialized investigative company in 2008, bringing with him a wealth of expertise in the field. Having started his detective career in the South African Police in 1986, he was one of the members selected to initiate the formation of the Vehicle Theft Unit in Kokstad in 1987. He went on to prove himself highly competent in various fields of crime investigation, including fraud, theft, motor vehicle theft as well as numerous subsidiary insurance related matters.

Leon Nothnagel

This office initially developed a professional relationship with Leon in 2012, when entrusted to assist him with a challenging case which required the re-examination of a sensitively placed subject. It was during the course of that investigation that this office became familiar with his impeccable work ethic and skill set, not only the investigative field but also in the field of Human Resource Management.

Elzaan Reeves

Elzaan joined our team in 2013 after having matriculated and quickly proved herself to be an invaluable asset to the True Lies Office. She possesses exceptional passion and drive, excelling in all tasks she undertakes, on all levels of operation.

Megan Rheeders

Megan fulfills the position of Office Manager for True Lies Investigative Solutions. She joined the company in 2010 and quickly established herself as a tremendous asset to the vital back office structures, greatly needed in support of our investigative team. She currently manages all aspects of operation in so far as the central True Lies office.

Sandra Slabbert

Sandra joined this team as an Office Administrator in 2015. She possesses a vast amount of expertise in the financial and administrative fields, having managed an entire department within KPMG, prior to joining True Lies.

Nadiya Ebrahim

As the newest addition to our team, having joined True Lies in July 2018, Nadiya has quickly proven to be an invaluable asset to our administrative support structure. Nadiya has years of experience in office administration and this, together with her exclusive personality traits, make her perfectly suited to her role function within the True Lies environment.